Southern California Bioenergetic Conference

February 22-25, 2018
Lake Arrowhead, California

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More Than A Conference…

  • Presentations  Dynamic keynote speeches from experts in the Bioenergetic Analysis field.
  • Workshops  Lectures and/or experiential didactic sessions.
  • Process groups  Show up fully in the safety of a group that is tailored to your previous bioenergetic experience.
  • Exercise classes.  Start each morning with bioenergetic exercises designed to help your emersion into the conference theme.

… It’s Also A Retreat!

  • Accommodations.  Each condolet includes a fireplace and separate bedrooms & baths.
  • All meals included. Elegant breakfast & lunch buffet, & nightly 4-course dinner.  All can be adjusted for your dietary restrictions without sacrificing flavor and nutritious value.
  • Hike the lake and enjoy the zen deck.
  • Relax in the hot tub, work out in the fitness room and enjoy complimentary wi-fi.

Bringing Shame Into the Light  

Shame resides in the dark recesses of our psyches. It restricts the flow of energy in our bodies and deadens the spirit. Shame inhibits us from contact with others and the world.
Rage makes active our inner helplessness and shame. Expressing rage moves energy out, freeing, temporarily, built up tension. Rage feels powerful and protects us from feeling the shame within. However, the cycle of shame and rage will again be put into process if the underlying shame is not acknowledged and addressed.
In this conference, we want to provide an environment of non-judgement and curiosity in order to allow shame to come out into the light. And to look with interest at rage and its origins and its cycle with shame. Our hope in this process is to open a dialogue about these two emotional states that impede our ability to fully connect in relationship with ourselves and with others.

  “Every therapy is handicapped by the fact that the culture we live in is not oriented toward creative activity and pleasure… it is not geared to the values and rhythms of the living body but to those of machines and material productivity. We cannot escape the conclusion that the forces inhibiting self-expression and, therefore, decreasing our energetic functioning derive from this culture and are part of it.”

    (Bioenergetics, Alexander Lowen)


Want to learn more about Bioenergetics?

This conference is designed for people who desire to feel their full aliveness and who are curious about the power of Bioenergetic Analysis to facilitate healing the self through honoring the body in relationship.